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Some More Salty Speculation

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Another day, another blogger speculating about a Salty trade scenario. Usually I just read it and leave it alone, but I had to bring you this one because not only does it make a little bit of sense, but the Mets would be the trade partner. This article comes via mlbtraderumors.com but John Peterson, a guest writer from Blastings! Thrilledge is writing. Basically the article says that the Braves and Mets fit very well in a Saltalamacchia deal. He mentions Phil Humber, Carlos Gomez, Fernando Martinez, Lastings Milledge, and Mike Carp as possible pieces in the deal.
What, then, would it take for the Mets to acquire Salty? A Mets/Braves trade wouldn't happen this year, so we shouldn't be talking about improving the Braves' 2007 rotation, at least not in this context. But would Philip Humber be of interest? The Braves also lack a solid left fielder, and will likely be short a center fielder come 2008. The Mets have three great prospects for these positions in Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez and Fernando MartÌnez. Finally, at first base the Mets could offer Mike Carp, who was so impressive this spring that he spent most of it with the big league Mets before being sent to AA-Binghamton. If it took both Humber and Milledge to do it for the Mets, I think it would be worth it.
The first thing I have to point out is that this is a Mets blogger that didn't do a lot of research into the Braves and it took a lot away from the credibility of his article. We can knock Mike Carp and Lastings Milledge out of any trade rumors that come up. Carps is a first baseman and we have Thorman hitting well in the majors and Kala Ka'aihue in the minors who is at the least just as good as Carp, but probably better. Milledge is everything that Bobby Cox doesn't want in his clubhouse. Milledge proved to have a bad attitude during his callup last season and refused to play winter ball this off-season. It is one thing to acquire a vet with an attitude problem (Gary Sheffield), which Schuerholz almost never does, but a prospect with that kind of problem will not fit. That leaves Phil Humber, Carlos Gomez, and Fernando Martinez as players he mentions. Humber is a pitcher that has as good a curve as anyone in the minors. When this kid is one, his curve is unhittable and I like him more than Mike Pelfrey in that he has multiple pitches. Gomez is probably my favorite out of the bunch. We are missing the excitement of a top notch base stealer and you can't ignore the similarities between him and Carl Crawford. Martinez would probably be a hefty price and is far away from the majors with plenty of time to plummit off prospect charts so he doesn't really fit into the Schuerholz philosophy.I would sure do this for Humber, Gomez, and maybe Jon Niese, but let's face it, there is probably about a 0.1% chance the Braves trade their top prospect to our biggest rival. Even when you get past all that division rival stuff, Schuerholz very rarely trades for prospects. I think there is about a 50/50 shot Saltalamacchia gets traded this season, but probably an 85% chance that he is traded for a top of the rotation starter. People say he could be moved for a centerfielder or leftfielder, but the centerfield free agent market is stacked this off-season and Brandon Jones is more than capable of taking over the left field job next year. Fun to speculate on but there is almost no chance of this trade happening.

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