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The Bonds Dilemma

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Living in the New York are gives me the benefit of flipping on SNY, the Mets station, whenever I crave baseball or the Mets are losing. Watching the game yesterday, I was hit with a dilemma that ranks right up with your star fantasy hitter going up against your team. Barry Bonds came up in the tenth with a chance to put the Giants on top. The at bat ended with a walk but that isn't the point. Who am I supposed to root for there? On one hand, I don't want the Mets to win and put more distance between themselves and the Braves, but on the other hand, I hate Barry Bonds with a passion. There is a bit more in the rivalry than for most Braves fans. I am in Mets territory so if they win and the Braves lose I have to take crap from classmates and my freshman science teacher (I've already plastered his door with "Let's Go Braves!" posters once). Seeing the Braves fall farther and farther behind is just as bad though. For obvious reasons again though, I root against Barroid every time I get. This is a guy that is not only making a steroid-fueled assault on the most prestigious record in sports, but he has done it all as a cold-hearted... CAUTION: BAD LANGUAGE COMING!... asshole! Reporters hate him, quite a few of his teammates have hated him, and he seems to be just one step above Jose Guillen in such regards. So here I sit again, watching the Giants with a three-run lead in the ninth on SNY, and already a couple times I have had to deal with the situation. Last night I have to admit I was rooting for a homer while tonight it has just been a hard hit ball with a less dire situation. I guess there here and now takes precedence for me over Hammerin' Hank's record. And as a positive note, the Mets have now been shutout for the first time this season. I'm a fan of the Braves and any team who beats the Mets. This is unrelated, but Eli Greenspan of elismlbrumors.com will have a live interview with Kyle Davies on his radio show tomorrow at 9:30 AM ET. You can call in with questions and all the details are on the site.

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