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Want to Interact with Chop-n-Change?

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I've had a couple of ideas lately about ways to better interact with all of you out there.† I wanted to throw both of these ideas out there and see what the interest is... First, I was thinking of having a sort of Chop-n-Change fieldtrip.† I thought it might be fun for those of us who are here in Atlanta to get together and go to a game.† I'm the only one of the Chop-n-Change writers who lives in Atlanta, so you'll have to settle for just me, but I think it might be fun.† We could pick a game (maybe even one a month if there's enough interest) and have those who want to attend RSVP ahead of time.† Once I know how many people want to go, I can buy the tickets in a block and have those who want to go can†pay me back through PayPal and then we can all meet at the game.† I'm just not sure how many of our readers live in Atlanta and would be interested, so I wanted to gauge interest.† Anyone interested? My second idea involves interacting with you all during the games.† I was thinking about having a live chat once a week where we could talk to each other during the game.† There was a little of this going on today in the comment section of one of our posts.† I know there are a lot of nights, particularly during the week, where I'm watching the game at home alone and am just dying to talk to someone about what's going on.† My thought was to designate a Chop-n-Change Game of the Week each week where we can have a live chat.† Would anyone be interested?

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