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Who Will be the Braves DH this Weekend?

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I've been reading commentary all day today on who the Braves will use at DH this weekend.† One writer said Chipper.† Another said Diaz.† Yet another said Salty.† So, I figured I might as well weigh in too... First, I think there's a strong possibility you'll see at least two of those three at DH this weekend.† I never thought the same DH would be used all weekend, but now that there's a doubleheader tomorrow, I definitely don't see the job falling all on one guy.† Chipper is the Braves all-time homerun leader as DH, with six of the Braves nine homeruns in the DH spot.† It also might do him some good to spend some time in the DH spot to continue to allow his bruised thumbs to heal.† Salty has a terrific bat and we can always use him in the lineup, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him DH at some point this season.† I'm just not sure it's going to be this weekend. Most of the commentary I've read today has lamented the possibility that Diaz will be the DH at some point this weekend.† I simply cannot understand why everyone is so down on him.† He's been looking really good at the plate lately.† Last night Diaz put up 2 of the Braves 5 hits, bringing him to .316 for the year.† And not only does he do well when he starts, but he's been a phenomenal pinch hitter.† As a matter of fact, his pinch hit average leads the Majors at .467.† In addition to that, he has the highest career average against the Red Sox at .375 (although I have to admit that this stat is only based on three games).† I always feel like I'm one of his only cheerleaders though†- come on guys! That aside, I think we might see Chipper at DH at least some of the time this weekend to allow him more time to heal.† I certainly wouldn't be disappointed to see Diaz at DH, however.

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