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Another season is over and in just a few days we will be hearing most of the award announcements begin. I always seem to differ significantly in my opinion with those of the sports writers who are voting for the awards so here are my 2007 MLB Awards. NL MVP 1. LF Matt Holliday COL 2. 3B Chipper Jones ATL 3. 1B Albert Pujols STL Coming into September, this was a tough call. After the regular season, there was no doubt in my mind that Matt Holiday was the NL MVP. The Rockies left fielder had a great season but just like Chipper did in '99, it was the stretch run that put him on top. In a very close race for the NL Wild Card that literally went down to the last game, Holliday hit .367/.448/.796 with 12 home runs and 30 RBIs during the last full month of the season, propelling his team into the playoffs. Both Chipper and Pujols' teams didn't make the playoffs, however I am not one who thinks making the playoffs is a necessity of winning the MVP award. NL Cy Young 1. RHP Jake Peavy SD 2. RHP Brandon Webb ARZ 3. RHP John Smoltz ATL This is really a no-brainer. Jake Peavy was undoubtedly the best pitcher in baseball this year and the margin between him and the next highest was quite large. The San Diego right-hander won the NL Pitching Triple Crown, missing out on the MLB crown by one win. He went 19-6 with a 2.54 ERA and 240 strikeouts in just over 220 innings. No other qualifying pitcher had an ERA below 3.00. NL ROY 1. 3B Ryan Braun MIL 2. CF Hunter Pence HOU 3. SS Troy Tulowitzki Braun really stormed off with this one from day one. His offense easily made up for the miserable play in the field as he hit .324/.370/.634 and belted 34 ball out of the park along with almost 100 RBIs. All of that in just over 110 games in the majors. Offensively, Braun is a godsend. Defensively, the Brewers will probably have to move him to the outfield because right now they have the worst defensive corner infielders in the majors. No matter what he does in the field though, this guy is a star. NL Manager of the Year 1. Clint Hurdle COL 2. Bob Melvin ARZ 3. Manny Acta WAS Hurdle took a young team and more than anything a young pitching staff without much experience and took them all the way to the World Series. He rewarded his questionable contract extension and proved all the doubters wrong, taking a team that not many thought would compete and taking them that far. For the first time in a while, Rockies fans are excited about their team and they should be since they'll only be getting better.

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