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Heyward atop Sickels' List

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Yet another of the Braves top prospects lists has been released. This one comes from John Sickels over at Minor League Ball, a very good site for prospect coverage. 2007 top draft pick Jason Heyward landed the top spot with a B+ grade, while Jordan Schafer and Brandon Jones filled out the top three. Here is the whole list:
1. Jason Heyward, OF, Grade B+ 2. Jordan Schafer, OF, Grade B+ 3. Brandon Jones, OF, Grade B+ 4. Tommy Hanson, RHP, Grade B+ 5. Joey Devine, RHP, Grade B 6. Brent Lillibridge, SS, Grade B 7. Gorkys Hernandez, OF, Grade B 8. Jair Jurrjens, RHP, Grade B (worried about his health) 9. Cole Rohrbough, LHP, Grade B 10. Brandon Hicks, SS, Grade B 11. Jeff Locke, LHP, Grade B- 12. Steve Evarts, LHP, Grade C+ 13. Jamie Richmond, RHP, Grade C+ 14. Jose Ortegano, LHP, Grade C+ 15. Kris Medlen, RHP, Grade C+ 16. Julio Teheran, RHP, Grade C+ (all hype and scouting reports at this point) 17. Tyler Flowers, C-1B, Grade C+ 18. Chad Rodgers, LHP, Grade C+ 19. Jose Ascanio, RHP, Grade C+ 20. Cody Johnson, 1B, Grade C+
I was a little surprised by a couple of things on this list, however Brandon Hicks at ten is the only thing I really disagree with. I'm sure the readers over here are going to gripe about where Cody Johnson is, however that placing seems to be the general consensus on him. While I think 20 is a little bit extreme, he is still a very raw player who will need to significantly improve his approach to succeed at higher levels. One thing I have been quite confused by is Julio Teheran's situation. When the right-hander signed this past season, he was reported to have a fastball that topped out in the low-90's with a decent curveball and changeup. Now, only a couple months later, he supposedly is sitting in the low-90's and topping out in the mid-90's with an above-average change and breaking ball. If the latter is true, then my opinion of him and the signing is going to significantly change.

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