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Is Melky the Answer?

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Ken Rosenthal mentioned the Braves as a possible suitor for Melky Cabrera in his recent article.
Meanwhile, the Yankees could trade Melky Cabrera even if they do not include him in a deal for Santana. Several clubs are showing interest in Cabrera, including — presumably — the Braves, who tried to acquire him last off-season. If the Yankees trade Cabrera, they will move Johnny Damon back to center.
Based off the article, it seems like this is just speculation that Atlanta may pursue the Yankees' center fielder. With Andruw Jones gone, the Braves are pursuing a replacement to bridge the gap until Jordan Schafer is ready. Frank Wren has basically sworn off the free agent market for a center fielder, instead looking to acquire one via trade. Melky makes sense on a couple of levels. First of all, it was rumored that the Braves and Yankees were close on a Melky-LaRoche deal this past off-season so we know there is at least some interest there. On top of that, Melky is young, cheap, and versatile. Even if the Braves do acquire him, once Jordan Schafer takes over, he could be moved to left field or utilized as a utility outfielder. Like always, everything comes down the cost. Melky is heavily rumored to be a part of a Santana deal with the Twins but on his own, it depends on his asking price. Melky is just a tick below average with the bat but makes up for it with premier defense in center. He's right around average in almost every offensive category but a big slip in his OBP this past season is a bit concerning. He'd be a good fit as a bottom-of-the-order hitter but if the price is anything more than two solid prospects, I really see this deal going nowhere. Unfortunately, I think the media perception of him as a very good all-around player will jack up his price past a reasonable level.

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