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Name That JUICER!!!

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Update: The was fun while it lasted but Cafardo was just a bit wrong. The eleven players were just the ones who spoke to Mitchell and are not necessarily named in the investigation. I still think some number close to that will be named though. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported that eleven free agents are named in the Mitchell investigation with connections to performance-enhancing drugs. Those eleven players have been notified by the commissioner's office already. The report is set to be published early in January although it is not yet known whether it will be made public. So far the only known member of that eleven is former Mariners right fielder Jose Guillen. I thought we should have some fun with it here and make a contest out of it. "Name that Juicer!" will require each contestant to fill in the remaining ten spots with current free agents and you can do so in the comments section. The winner will get the glory of being crowned champion (figurative crowning that is) and a nice congratulations in a post. Just post a list 1-10 of ten players you think are the ones named in the investigation. To make this a bit more challenging, there will be a points value from one to ten assessed to each number. For example the play you are the most certain will be mentioned will be number one and if you get that right, you get ten points. The least certain you put as number ten and if you get that right you get one point so one is the most certain and ten the least. Here is the list of current free agents courtesy of ESPN.com. I will start with my list: 1. Barry Bonds 2. Sammy Sosa 3. Ryan Klesko 4. Luis Gonzalez 5. Shawn Green 6. Mike Piazza 7. Eric Gagne 8. Marcus Giles 9. Armando Benitez 10. Neifi Perez

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