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Offer Made to Glavine

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All the speculation and anticipation has led up to this moment...the Braves have finally made an offer to Tom Glavine.  Reportedly, the offer was somewhere around $6.5 million for one year.  The offer was made yesterday and Glavine and his agent, Gregg Clifton, answered with a counteroffer.  The counteroffer is a good sign because it means that the Braves first offer was in the ballpark at least, otherwise Glavine and Clifton wouldn't be wasting their time negotiating at this point.  The parties are expected to continue negotiations throughout the weekend.  I expect they will come to an agreement before the holiday next week. With the polls and commentary I've seen lately, I think the overwhelming majority of fans are excited at the prospect of seeing Glavine once again in a Braves uniform.  Reports have mentioned that both Smoltz and Francouer have been in contact with Glavine and are excited for his return.  I think Glavine will not only be a solid veteran starter in the rotation that we need, but will also bring some buzz and excitement back to the clubhouse.  Watching Smoltz and Glavine together, chatting on the field and smiling even when in different uniforms, has always been intoxicating.  It's obvious that they're great friends and that they have the utmost respect for each other.  More than that, they remind us fans that once upon a time, the Braves rotation was golden.  For me, they remind me of my childhood as a Braves fan and I can't wait to go with my dad to the first game Glavine pitches back in a Braves uniform.  And I know we all hope it'll be just like old times and he and Smoltz will power the Braves to a division championship.  Maybe more. And isn't this what the offseason is all about?  Watching every move your team makes and knowing that each trade, and each acquisition, might bring your team once step closer to that miracle year you've been waiting for.  I can say with full confidence that acquiring Glavine will put the Braves one step closer to playoff contention next year, as we all know the lack of consistency in the starting rotation killed us last season.  So, let's all keep our fingers crossed that the deal gets done and that Glavine once again wears that tomahawk across his chest!

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