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Silver Slugger... What a Sham!

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I really expected better out of the players and managers who vote for the Silver Slugger. The awards, which were released today, are not some fan vote like the All-Star game, yet just like the Gold Glove awards, there are a couple that just make your jaw drop in disbelief. Mainly my attention was drawn to the left side of the National League's infield with Jimmy Rollins and David Wright taking home the hardware. For Rollins, this is the second major undeserved award for him in just the past couple days. I'm sure Hanley Ramirez and the rest of the Marlins organization is still checking to see if there was a mistake on this one. How the young Florida shortstop wasn't named the top offensive shortstop in the league is completely beyond my comprehension. Sure, Rollins enjoyed a great season at the plate this year but look at the numbers people! So how much of a difference does this boil down to? Well, Rollins hit .296/.344/.531 this year with Philadelphia compared to the .332/.386/.562 line put up by Ramirez. So that's almost a 40-point difference in batting average, over 40 in OBP, and just a tick over 30 in SLG. Hanley hit one less home run, had thirteen less RBIs, and stole ten more bases than his Philadelphia counter part, however he also had around 75 less at bats than Rollins with the same number of hits. The kicker? Rollins plays in a little league field and Hanley happens to have a very pitcher-favorable park where he plays his home games. Of course though, I wouldn't be doing this if a Braves player hadn't been ripped off and Chipper Jones just happened to be that player. Seriously, David Wright? The veteran Atlanta third baseman hit .337 to Wright's .325, slugged about 60 points higher, and struck out at a much lower rate. The offensive stats are very similar though. Chipper hit 29 home runs while Wright had 30. Jones batted in five fewer runners than Wright's 107 mark. All that is different is the stolen bases... oh yeah, and there is that thing about Chipper doing all this in about 100 less at bats. Sort of ridiculous, don't you think?

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