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Let it All Out Schuerholz!

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John Schuerholz has been a figure head of this team for over a decade and a half, and never in those years have I heard something out of his mouth I loved as much as this. It seems that with the burden of dealing with agents gone, Schuerholz is truly speaking his mind and not holding anything back. MetsBlog has this one for us.
Last Friday, former-Braves GM and current team president John Schuerholz appeared as a guest on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN radio show. Schuerholz, on super-agent Scott Boras, and his suggestion that Alex Rodriguez could be worth $30 million per season, while speaking to Cowherd…
“I think it’s obnoxious…for someone to suggest that this is a valid salary level for a professional athlete, no matter what kind of voodoo economics they can do in analyzing the books of MLB, it’s absolutely asinine… “When he presented us with that kind of offer with Andruw Jones, we found it so ridiculous and obnoxious we didn’t even respond. It didn’t even rise to the level of requiring a response. It’s just idiotic.”
Believe me, as someone who wants to pursue the same career as Boras, I completely respect his ability as the best agent in professional sports. However, it is just fun to see something like this. It was quite publicly known that there was some bad blood between Schuerholz and Boras, who has represented former Braves players such as Andruw Jones, Gary Sheffield, Greg Maddux, and others. The big blow to any sort of professional relationship came when Andruw Jones negotiated his last deal behind the back of Boras. By the end of the former Braves GM's time at the position, Frank Wren dealt personally with Boras and quite a few other agents.

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