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Time for the Glavine Rumors Again

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When you hear the rumor that you might see Glavine in a Braves uniform again, do you roll your eyes at the rumor that seems to never die or do you pray that maybe, just maybe, this time it will be true?  Me, I go back and forth.  Years ago, I was mad that Glavine seemingly abandoned our Braves to make more money playing for our rivals, the Mets.  Then the rumors started that he might just come back and end his career here in Atlanta where it all began.  I read John Schuerholz's book and softened in my attitude towards Glavine and began to blame the whole situation on the union.  I began longing to see him in a Braves uniform once again.  But now that the rumors have surfaced several times, and never come true, I find myself rolling my eyes and assuming he'll end his career as a member of the Mets. So, here we are again with the rumors of what could be.  Glavine can exercise an option worth $13 million and return to the Mets for 2008 or he can wait and see what the Braves might offer him.  Recently, Glavine has indicated that he doesn't know whether the Braves are interested.  We all know Cox is interested though.  Glavine is one of his favorite players.  He says Glavine still has plenty of strength left in his arm and compares him to Smoltz in terms of his ability to provide start after quality start.  If Glavine joined the club, the Braves would have three of the top five starters in the National League.  This year, Smoltz ranked second in the NL in quality starts at 26, Hudson ranked fourth with 25, and Glavine ranked fifth with 23.  Sure, Glavine's last few starts of the season were forgettable at best, but we all know what he can do.  According to Glavine's contract, he must exercise the option within five days of the last game the Mets played this season.  However, he seems unconcerned, saying that part of the clause was worked into his contract late in negotiations and is merely a technicality.  Call it the lawyer in me, but if he's going to exercise that option, I think he better do it within the five days.  I'm sure if the Mets want him back they'll be willing to waive that requirement, but it seems silly to drag this whole thing out.  Either he wants to go back to them or he doesn't.  My suspicion is that he's waiting to see if the Braves make an offer.  Could the announcement earlier this week that the club won't be resigning Andruw mean there's money freed up to go after Glavine?  I guess we'll all have to wait and see on that.

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