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Discussing Poll Results: ROY

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I have to say that the poll results here shocked me quite a bit. While I figured Moylan would win, I had no idea it would be by a margin this big. I didn't vote but I believe Moylan has been the more valuable of the two this year, which most of you already knew.  Moylan won with 61% of the vote with 27 votes, while Escobar managed 17 votes, good for 39%. Here are both of their stats for this year: Peter Moylan- 5-3, 1.81 ERA, 79 G, 89.2 IP, 65 H, 31 BB, 63 K, 2.45 GO/AO Yunel Escobar- 311 AB, .331/.391/.457, 5 HR, 28 RBI, 24 2B, 0 3B, 27 BB, 43 K, 5/8 SB, 11 E Ready, set, discuss!

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