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Garland a Possibility... Again.

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Is Kenny Williams just messing with the rest of the baseball world? Mark Buehrle is on the block, then he signs an extension. They desparately want to move Javier Vazquez, then his price goes up, now he's not for sale. Finally, Jon Garland who has gone between untouchable and attainable more times than I care to count. Well, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that he is back on the block. The Times says that due to his contract status (free agent after 2008), he is the most likely White Sox starter to be moved this off-season. The Braves obviously have a pretty big hole in the rotation right behind Smoltz and Hudson and in front of Hampton and James heading into next season. Is Garland a fit there? You may remember that John Schuerholz offered Edgar Renteria and a top pitching prospect at the deadline this year before shipping off the farm for Mark Teixeira. The White Sox rejected the offer and since then, the right-hander has a 6.28 ERA over 61.2 innings. That and his contract status should knock the asking price down a bit but you never know with Williams, who has been known to ask the moon for his players. Juan Uribe hasĀ  team option that is almost guaranteed to be bought out after this season, leaving them with no real answer at shortstop. That just happens to be a strength of the Braves. The article says that Williams could go after two relievers, at least one of whom is proven, for Garland. I'd think a bullpen arm and a shortstop like Renteria would be just as good. Salaries would almost completely match and the Braves would acquire their number three innings eater, probably capable of an ERA around 4.00 in the NL. Would Renteria and Oscar Villarreal or Royce Ring get the job done?

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