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Jordan Schafer Q&A

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A little while ago I was able to have a conversation with the Braves' top center field prospect, Jordan Schafer. He seems like a pretty nice and down to earth player from our exchange. Schafer really jumped onto the prospect scene this year, hitting .312 with 15 home runs and 23 stolen bases between Rome and Myrtle Beach this year to go along with a very good glove in center. We also got some inside info from this one. He wasn't listed on the rosters, but it sounds like Schafer will be playing the Arizona Fall League. Will Schaffer: What was your favorite team growing up and which player did you admire, if any? Jordan Schafer: I grew up a Cubs fan because thats what I grew up around. I have always admired Joe Dimaggio, just because of the way he played the game. WS: What was it like right after you were drafted, knowing you were that much closer to playing in the big leagues? Was it a tough choice to forego Clemson and sign? JS: No, it wasn't hard to pass up Clemson, because I knew from the beginning what I wanted to do. It was great being drafted and knowing you are that much closer, but I knew I still had a whole lot of work to still do. WS: Coastal Field doesn’t have the best reputation for being hitter-friendly. What gives it that reputation and is it as bad to hit in as everyone seems to think? JS: Coastal field is definitely not a good hitters park, the wind is always blowing in so you can crush a ball and it will go nowhere. WS: In your opinion, what is the best part of your game and the one thing you would most like to improve? JS: I think defensively is my strongest point, and I think I need to be more consistent stealing bases, and I need to cut down strikeouts at the top of the lineup. WS: You’ve raised your average almost 70 points from last year and have nearly 75 extra base hits for Myrtle Beach and Rome this year. Did you make any changes or adjustments that led to such a breakout? JS: Yeah, i worked extremely hard this off-season and made a couple adjustments. I had a much better approach at the plate this year, and I am finally starting to feel comfortable at the plate. WS: Baseball America ranked you as the best defensive outfielder in the Braves’ farm system and the Braves have a guy who is known to be pretty good with the glove out in center field. Have you had the chance to talk with or learn from Andruw Jones? JS: No, I haven't had the chance to talk to him about the outfield at all. I would love to pick his brain though because I'm sure he has something that could help me out. WS: Are you planning on doing anything different this off-season to try and improve upon this season? JS: I'm going to keep pretty much the same off-season program, but I will alter it according to what i think my weak points are so I can make them strengths instead of weaknesses. WS: Do you have any idea or guess where you’ll start out playing next season? JS: I have no clue what will happen next year or where i will start the year, I'm just trying to get ready for the Arizona Fall League right now. WS: Finally, what was that attitude of the team after hearing that Elvis Andrus was traded to Texas? JS: Well this is a tough question for me, because Elvis is my best friend. I was definitely not happy when I heard, but that is a part of the game. We still talk daily though, and I believe he will be a GREAT player in years to come. Thank you very much to Jordan Schafer for answering my questions. Also, in an unrelated note, the Richmond Braves, who won the International League Championship, will be trying for the Triple-A title against the Pacific Coast League Champion Sacramento River Cats. Brandon Jones has been sent back to Richmond so he can compete for the R-Braves. The game will be broadcast starting 8:05 ET on ESPN2.

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