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Renteria Heading Back to St. Louis?

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Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com was asked about the possibility of Edgar Renteria being dealt this off-season. The chat is on ESPN insider but I'll sum up what he said. Crasnick responded that he had heard some rumors of a Renteria to St. Louis deal while covering a recent Cardinals series and that he thinks the move would make sense. Unfortunately he doesn't go any deeper into giving some scenarios but that just means I get to speculate. Renteria is making $9 million next year; a very reasonable amount for a shortstop of his caliber. He has a team option for 2009 at $11 million, which would most likely be picked up if he is traded, and the Red Sox are responsible for the buyout if it is not exercised. A batting title this year would definitely help his value out but a shortstop playing solid defense and hitting in the .330's is going to be in demand. St. Louis' shortstop, David Eckstein, is in the last year of his contract. It is assumed that the Cardinals will not be bringing back Eckstein, who is right around the line of starter or bench player, so the team should be in the market for another shortstop. Renteria spent six years in St. Louis before signing with Boston and won three Silver Sluggers, two Gold Gloves, and made three All-Star appearances with the Cardinals. The real question here is what would the Cardinals be able to offer. Most who believe Renteria will be moved this winter think the Braves will target pitching in return but the Cardinals don't really have any to offer. St. Louis ranks 15th in the NL with a 5.16 ERA out of their starting pitchers. So who exactly would the Cardinals trade? The only thing I could possibly imagine the Braves being interested in besides pitching is Colby Rasmus, the older brother of Braves prospect Cory Rasmus. Colby, St. Louis' top prospect, is a five-tool player who might be ready to start as early as next year. The only problem is I just can't see Walt Jockety trading away his top prospect like that without getting pitching in return. Who knows? Maybe the PR from bringing back one of their most beloved players is worth it. I'd say a trade with St. Louis will only come up if no starting pitching can be found for a reasonable price; something that very well may happen.

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