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Top Prospect Jones to Debut

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The season barring a miracle is basically over. The real story today however, is that Brandon Jones has gotten the call from Richmond, who just won the Governor's Cup and is starting in left field. Jones hit .295/.367/.490 in 535 at bats between Mississippi and Richmond this year with 19 home runs and 100 RBI's. I have been pouring over sources trying to find anything else, but it looks like so far he is the only one who has been called up. I'm sure the commentators will go into that more during the game. The lineups look like this for the 1:35 ET start at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Atlanta Braves (75-73) @ Washington Nationals (66-82) Braves Lineup: 1. 2B Kelly Johnson 2. SS Edgar Renteria 3. 3B Chipper Jones 4. 1B Mark Teixeira 5. C Brian McCann 6. RF Jeff Francoeur 7. CF Andruw Jones 8. LF Brandon Jones 9. SP Tim Hudson Nationals Lineup: 1. 2B D'angelo Jimenez 2. SS Felipe Lopez 3. 3B Ryan Zimmerman 4. RF Austin Kearns 5. CF Ryan Church 6. LF Wily Mo Pena 7. 1B Robert Fick 8. C Jesus Flores 9. SP Shawn Hill Not only is it very uncommon to see three players with the same last name in a starting lineup, but if you notice, their first names start with the first three letters of the alphabet. Just thought it was a little strange thing to throw out there.

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