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What's Jones worth?

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Should the Braves resign Andruw? If so what sort of contract would you be prepared to give him? These are two questions that have been on Braves fans lips for most of the year. The answer to the first question would be a qualified yes, I'm guessing. Given Andruw's horrible 2007 I reckon there might be a bit of dispute about the answer to question two. In a recent Hardball Times column I had a look at Andruw's performance and whether we could expect a bounce back next year. My answer was that we probably could. In Andruw's bad months (and my weren't they bad) he was exceptionally unlucky. If you adjust for that then I concluded that his year isn't as bad as it looks. However there are a couple of caveats. One, that my analysis didn't include September, which hasn't been Jones' finest hour -- the more the rut continues the more likely it is permanent. And two, that I didn't consider that Andruw could be hurt. Personally I don't think he is. If he was hurt I think the club (or Scott Boras more to the point) would have leaked the fact in order to stop his free agent value plummeting. So what is he worth? In the THT column I estimated that the following numbers would be reasonable using some scenarios that are available in the article:
Length    $$$
3         51
4         64
5         76
6         84
7         90
I'm not sure what anyone makes of that but comments and thoughts definitely appreciated? Would you be happy if Jones signed an 84/6 deal with Atlanta? Thinking about it a bit more it sounds rather rich.

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