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Braves 11, Mets 5: As Long As We Score 10 Runs, We'll Win

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Braves 11, Mets 5 I think we finally figured out the formula for success: if we score 10 runs, we'll win. Unless we're playing the Pirates, and it goes into extra innings, that is. The Braves have scored more runs than any other team in baseball, but they're 2-3, largely because they've scored 21 runs in their two wins and 16 runs in their 3 losses. Marc was saying this is because they have an inconsistent offense; I countered that they were suffering because of their injured leadoff hitter, Kelly Johnson, and because of Mark Teixeira's maddening April struggles, bringing back shades of LaRoche. Turns out we may both have been right. We won this game largely thanks to the offensive contributions of Teixeira and Johnson, who combined for 5 RBI, most of it on a pinch hit grand slam by Kelly. The offense was a blessing, though, because we used only four pitchers -- each reliever for exactly one inning -- the fewest since opening day. We're gonna have to figure out how to do that more often, or else our pitchers are going to drop dead on the mound. Hudson was fine, though not spectacular, going 6 innings and giving up 3 runs on 6 hits. (For a while, it looked like he was cruising; then, after a bizarre play you'll hear about for a while, Kotsay trapped the ball, it was initially ruled that he caught it, and then the play was reversed and the Mets were awarded a run and no outs even though their runners crossed on the basepaths. Hudson gave up a couple runs after that, and the Braves were clinging to a never-trustworthy one-run lead. Then the offense roared to life and the game wasn't really in doubt after that.) Peter Moylan pitched a scoreless inning despite giving up 2 hits, Royce Ring allowed two meaningless runs after the Braves had broken the game open, and Rafael Soriano pitched a dominant 9th, though, in an ideal world, he never would have had to enter the game. Still, a win's a win. John Smoltz will make his season debut against Johan Santana in a marquee matchup that makes me smile just thinking about it. I'll admit, though, I'd be happy to take the loss as long as Smoltz's arm looks good and healthy for the season. Santana's a guy you can afford to lose to, as long as you beat up the John Maines of the world. But I wouldn't mind knocking him around. Let's see if our offense can put together two solid days in a row.

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