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Moylan to DL: Ohhhhhhh nooooooooo!

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Yeah, it's true. Our second-best reliever got lonely, so he went to join our best reliever on the DL. The redoubtable Buddy Carlyle is up in his place. On the other hand, Glavine says he's feeling "no worse" than he was two days ago, which is less bad than it could be. But on the other other hand, Smoltz has been DL'ed, James has been DL'ed, Hampton is currently DL'ed, Soriano is currently DL'ed, Moylan is currently DL'ed, and Glavine -- who is one of the most unDLable players this side of Cal Ripken -- left the mound after 16 pitches in his last start because his hamstring was killing him. Forget the fact that we've scored 10 runs or more in a third of our games. It's officially time to panic. Everyone, all together now: AHHHHHHHH! Oh, yeah, I guess we're playing the Marlins tonight. Apparently, they're leading the division. On the other hand, they suck. Go Braves.

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