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Nats 5, Braves 4: And... Another One-Run Loss

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Nationals 5, Braves 4 It was nice to see the Braves battle, but we just didn't have it yesterday. Tom Glavine came out in the first inning (with a strained hamstring -- uh-oh) having loaded the bases and retired nobody, and for the second time in two games Jeff Bennett was asked to get the Braves out of a bases-loaded jam. He did so, again, allowing only one of the runners to score. Wily Mo Pena, our best friend all day, helped us out here with a double play; he also threw in a hat trick of strikeouts and a comical drop of a routine liner that scored a run and brought us within 1, as close as we ever got. Bennett struggled, walking in a couple runs in the second and giving up another in the third, but he got 12 outs in another gutty performance -- this is essentially the second time he's had to make an emergency start following an injury to a member of our rotation after having pitched the day or two before; he did the same thing on what was supposed to be Mike Hampton's first start. After him, our bullpen didn't allow a run and gave up just one hit the rest of the way, with Jorge Campillo and Blaine Boyer combining for a very impressive 3 perfect innings and Chris Resop stranding a leadoff double. It was a particularly beautiful debut in a Braves uniform for Campillo, who needed only 23 pitches for his 2 innings of work, 16 of them strikes. The Braves finally got on the board with a two-run homer by Chipper in the 6th, tacking on another run in the same inning when Jeff Francoeur hit a sac fly for his 8th RBI in two days. Their only other run came in the 8th on Pena's bobble, though they loaded the bases in the 9th off Chad Cordero only to have McCann fly out on the first pitch from Jon Rauch. Cordero and Pena had both been injured, so their long-awaited debuts were not particularly auspicious for the Nationals. But Tim Redding pitched us pretty well, and for some reason the resurgent Cristian Guzman continues to kill us. The most satisfying thing from the game was to see the Braves battle back from a pretty big deficit in the early innings, despite the demoralizing injury to Glavine. He's listed as day-to-day, which is extremely important, because with Hampton on the eternal shelf and Chuck James clearly still not ready for prime time, we really need him to take the mound every 5 days. As long as we're going to lose one-run games, I'd rather lose them this way: battle hard and fall just short, rather than blow a lead. Off day today, then down to Florida. Hopefully we can beat them up and finally, finally make it above .500. (Update: I wrote a piece for my Huffington Post blog about some of the uncertainty I face as a modern Atlanta Braves fan -- we were on top for so long, and now that we're not, I'm rooting really hard for us to be the best again, even though it seems a bit uncharitable to all the other teams. Hope you like it.)

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