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8/14 Game Thread: Man, The Cubs Sure Are Better Than We Are

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We got outscored 18-2 yesterday. The Cubs didn't just beat us, they showed us what kind of team we are, and what kind of team they are: we're not good. They are. Tonight, Tom Glavine will make his first start since June. He'll face Ted Lilly, a guy who never seems to have all that much, but usually manages to pitch pretty well. He's a good #3 starter, in other words. Glavine, on the other hand, is more of a #5 starter at this point, and we'll just have to hope he doesn't go Chuck James on us in his return to the rotation. Also, let me extend a hearty HUH? to the suddenly rejuvenated Jim Edmonds, who went from walking corpse in San Diego to second coming of Duke Snider in the Friendly Confines, all at the age of 38. He was terrible last year, looking close to done in 2006, and all of a sudden he's hitting .275/.379/.610 in 60 games as a Cub, with 15 homers in 182 at-bats. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to why he suddenly regained his peak form; maybe it's the kielbasa. But he's a major reason this Cubs team is so formidable. Before he came aboard, center field was manned by a platoon of the woeful Felix Pie and the serviceable Reed Johnson, who combined for an OPS of .302/.365/.417. He's only slugging 200 points higher than they did. This would be like replacing Gregor Blanco with Adam Dunn. And, of course, he cost them nothing. Anyway, onward! Let's see if we can salvage any of our dignity!

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