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8/17 Game Thread: So This is the Great Tim Lincecum

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Today we'll have the pleasure of facing arguably the best pitcher in the league. He's second in the NL in ERA and leads the NL in DIPS. (He's one strikeout behind Sabathia's two-league total, so he technically leads the league in K's too.) He had a bit of a scare his last start when he was hit in the knee by a line drive and had to come out of the game, but apparently he's feeling healthy enough to start. If he's on his game, he'll be hard to touch. He's pitched against us 3 times, and beaten us three times, and he beat us soundly two weeks ago. Charlie Morton goes for us, trying to shake off a bad start last time in our nightmare doubleheader against the Cubs. Again, this Giants lineup will be a lot more forgiving than the Cubs will; the team's batting .256/.317/.375, so if he just goes after them they'll get themselves out. But if he starts to nibble and give them free passes, he could dig himself into a hole that Tim Lincecum won't let him out of. Should be a fun game to watch, though. The Giants are basically our peers right now: they're not going anywhere either. Jeff Francoeur had a very nice game last night, and hopefully he can build on that too. I'm just trying not to get too optimistic.

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