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8/23 Game Thread: I'm Not Sure if We've Bottomed Out, But I Sure Hope So

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The Braves lost 18-3 yesterday, and I don't think you could say a single positive thing about the game. I also don't think you'd want to try, as the pollyannaish act of attempting to put lipstick on last night's pig would require more self-delusion than any self-respecting sports fan wants to endure. Look, our team's terrible right now. That's where we're at. Tonight, Jorge Campillo faces Kyle Lohse, and on paper we have the advantage. Lohse is having the best season of his frustrating career, which means that he's been slightly better than league average, a feat he rarely manages. Campillo, of course, has been much better, especially on the road, where he has an ERA of 2.13, compared to a 4.18 ERA at home. We'll need him to be as stingy as he can be, because the Braves' August lack of offense is getting worse. Remember back in May when we were leading the league in BA and ERA? Those days are long gone. When I wrote that, the team was batting .284/.355/.439; this month, we're batting .256/.333/.366. (Of course, Mark Teixeira really wasn't hitting at all back then, but we sure do miss him now.) In particular, the slugging has plummetted; specifically, we're not hitting homers. We have 8 homers this month, last in the majors. 28 other teams are in double figures and 19 have at least 20 homers. Carroll Rogers goes into it in greater depth. Of course, we are third in the majors in sacrifice bunts this month. Argh. The nice thing about being blown out and losing by 15 runs is that it greatly lowers expectations for the next day. If we lose by less than double-digits, that will constitute an improvement, if not exactly a moral victory. If we lose by one run on the road again, of course, I encourage you all to join me in drinking heavily.

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