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8/29 Game Thread: It's Raining in Washington; I Hope There Will Be a Game

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Well, it's raining in Washington right now, so there may not be a game tonight. If there is one, I'll be there -- haven't seen my boys since April. I can't say I'm thrilled we're playing the Nats, though, as the Nats are unfathomably 7-4 against us, thanks in large part to the performances of castoffs like Ryan Langerhans, Willie Harris, and tonight's starter, Odalis Perez. We'll be starting Jorge Campillo, who's a castoff himself, a refugee from the sinking ship that is the Seattle Mariners. I don't have to tell you that Jorge Campillo is having a terrific season, like Jair Jurrjens. But, also like Jurrjens, he's hit a bit of a wall recently. Perhaps he's tiring out a bit at the end of the summer, like Jurrjens, or perhaps he's suffering the inevitable correction that junkballers face once the league has seen what they have to offer. His last 4 starts have been pretty awful: 23 IP, 29 H, 18 ER, 7.04 ERA. And Rafael Soriano went under Dr. James Andrews's knife. Right now, apparently they're expecting him to be fully recovered in time for 2009 Spring Training, but color me unconvinced. He was supposed to be ready to go in time for Spring Training 2008. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with his arm all year. I'll believe he's healthy when he can pitch three games in a row without going on the 15-day DL soon afterwards. In any case, I'll hope to see you at the stadium!

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