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Joe Posnanski, One of the Good Guys, Has an Additional Home at SI

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Joe Posnanski -- the insanely prolific Royals beat writer, blogger, and biggest Buck O'Neil fan on the planet -- has signed a deal with Sports Illustrated to have his blog reprinted on SI.com, where he'll also write a weekly column. Because he is, again, insanely prolific, he will continue to write his column at the KC Star. I'm not a Royals fan, though I'm happy to see Dayton Moore do well. But I am a fan of good baseball writing, and Joe's one of the best in the business: as fellow Royals fan Rany Jazayerli writes, "Posnanski may not be the best sportswriter in America (although he probably is), and he may not be the best analyst in America. But no mainstream sportswriter understands the numbers of baseball – both what the numbers tell you and what they don’t tell you – as well as Posnanski. And no analyst comes within a country mile of Poz’s writing skills." This is a victory for the good guys, the baseball lovers who know that loving the game and wanting to understand the numbers aren't mutually exclusive. Sports Illustrated, meanwhile, just traded up from Rick Reilly to Joe Posnanski, which is such a welcome development that I genuinely am willing to believe that someone there gets it. Now, if only the AJC would hire me to replace Furman Bisher...

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