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Kotsay Dealt to Boston

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Update: Keith Law of ESPN.com says that the Braves will receive 20-year old outfielder Luis Sumoza in the deal. Sumoza was a high-profile international signing out of Venezuela in 2004 and is currently hitting .301/366/.549 for the Red Sox's short-season team. The outfielder is considered a potential five-tool talent with enormous upside, but a long way to go (As evidenced by his 59 strikeouts in under 200 at-bats. Looks like a nice haul for Kotsay. Update: Ken Rosenthal agrees that a deal is done, though the mid-level prospect is not yet known. Some confusion had surfaced as to whether or not Kotsay had a partial no-trade clause, but now Rosenthal is saying that he did and will get $325,000 to waive it. I'll try and post something as soon as we find out the prospect the Braves will receive in return. Update: Gordon Edes of Yahoo Sports says a deal is done pending physicals. According to a "baseball source", the Braves would receive a minor league pitcher in return but he goes on to say that no one has confirmed the deal yet. Update: Dave O'Brien says that Kotsay was not held out because a deal was done, but because the team was in negotiations, but expects a trade to be announced tomorrow. Update: ESPN.com is reporting that a deal sending Mark Kotsay to the Red Sox is very close. The fact that he was held out of the lineup tonight only makes that more believable. Kotsay has sat in favor of Blanco somewhat regularly so don't assume that this means he is traded but I wouldn't be surprised if it does. Mark Kotsay looked like one of Frank Wren's better trading chips heading up to the July 31st deadline. Despite interest from a number of teams, August 1st came and the veteran centerfielder headed  back to Turner Field, still a member of the Braves. A little more than a week ago Kotsay cleared waivers and with that came a new wave of trade rumors. The Red Sox have been the only real constant in Kotsay rumors. Their .743 OPS out of center field is good for 17th in baseball and the need to add another outfielder to the mix has icreased significantly with J.D. Drew set to go on the DL (An injury that leaves Coco Crisp as the team's starting center fielder). The only other team that seems like they have enough interest to compete with the Red Sox is the Phillies. Braves fans aren't used to trading a player within the division, but when you're out of contention, and the player is a one or two month rental, that's not exactly a pressing concern. Philadelphia's interest was sparked by an injury that sent Geoff Jenkins to the DL. With Jenkins out of the picture, So Taguchi (.540 OPS) is the only real bench outfielder in the City of Brotherly Love. Of course Frank Wren could always choose to hold on to Kotsay. That would almost certainly signal that the team intended to re-sign him because he won't merrit any draft pick compensation and even if he did, it's doubtful the Braves would offer him arbitration. With everything factored in, I'd say that it is very unlikely he's still in a Braves uniform on September 1st.

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