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Links for 12/15: Fucal Coming Home?

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My Huskies win by 34, Syracuse loses to Cleveland State on a buzzer-beating half court shot, Donald Brown announced he is returning for his senior season, and my dreadful performance on my math final didn't tank my grade so I am all smiles right now. I figured I'd spread that joy around (or not depending on whether you like the news or not) with another links post so let's get to it.

  • The big news for today comes from Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. Rosenthal passes on a quote from Rafael Furcal's agent, Paul Kinzer, who said the Braves are "in deep" and that Furcal is "seriously considering" the team's offer. Which brings me to Rosenthal's next bit of news; the Braves offered a contract to Rafael Furcal. He says the deal is believed to be three years with a vesting option for less than the Athletics' $40 million offer. Furcal seems intent on not signing with Oakland and his love for Atlanta and Bobby Cox is well known. If the Braves land Furcal, it would make for an intriguinig situatino. They could move him to second and Kelly Johnson to left or this could make Yunel Escobar expendable (I still think the Twins are a good fit). 
  • After having lost out on the A.J. Burnett sweepstakes, Danny Knobler says the Braves are not interested in free agent Derek Lowe or Jake Peavy. Lowe is reportedly looking for a deal similar to Burnett's, which the Braves don't seem willing to guarantee for someone of his age. The Peavy news on the other hand seems to put the last nail in the coffin of Kevin Towers' terrible handling of his star pitcher this off-season. I guess he didn't hear about the Johan Santana negotations last year, but Kevin, you can't overplay your hand and keep pushing and pushing until everyone is pissed off and refuses to deal with you. Take it as a learning experience if it doesn't get you fired.
  • Marty Noble of MLB.com says that the Braves are "thought to have interest" in free agent left-hander Randy Wolf. Wolf has been thrown around for a while as a backup plan to A.J. Burnett but it seems the Braves are not more intereted in Kenshin Kawakami. We'll just have to wait and see where these rumors go.
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