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Slow News Month

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Man, has it been slow on the hot stove the past few weeks. I'm sorry we haven't given you guys much to look at.
The Mets were thinking about an Andruw Experience for about 15 seconds before changing their minds;
the Dodgers are thinking about Dunn and Abreu because they can't seem to get Manny to make up his mind (good luck);
the Yankees are shopping Xavier Nady (who, because he hits lefties, could be a good pickup for the Braves if he were cheap, but since he's a Boras client he won't be);
the Red Sox signed Brad Penny for $5 mill, and he'll get another $3 mill if he goes 160 innings -- that's 6th starter money for a guy who's a #2/#3 if he's healthy;
the San Diego Padres signed Atlanta native Michael Barrett to a minor league contract, and if you think I'd prefer him to Dave Ross, you know me too well;
the Reds signed Willy Taveras, who isn't good;

... And little Frank Wren looked at his 'pen
While his fans drank tumblers of rye
He sat on his thumbs while Bobby took Tums
And said "What a good GM am I!"

Ugh. I'm still hoping that Manny's price drops enough that we can swoop in and sign him for 2/$40. Not ever gonna happen, not in a million, but 'tis the season for dreaming, right?

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