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Winter Meetings: Day 1-2

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Update #6: Dave O'Brien has some more updates from his blog. He says Will Ohman isn't out of the picture but is behind some of their bigger priorities right now after the team acquired two southpaw relievers this off-season. Another small note, Tommy Hanson became the first pitcher to ever win the AFL MVP. Congrats to him.

Update #5: Kovacevic updated his blog with a quote from an Atlanta source calling the Pittsburgh's demands for Maholm and McLouth "way high". It looks unlikely as it always did but I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of these rumors.

Update #4: Here's some scary news for Braves fans; Ken Rosenthal said in his latest update that John Smoltz's agents are passing around medical records and recent video to other clubs. I'd still be absolutely shocked if he left to go pitch somewhere else, but maybe he is getting a little frustrated with the Braves not offering him a contract (or maybe they're just trying to get a little leverage).

Update #3: Dejan Kovacevic says that the Braves are interested in Paul Maholm and Nate McLouth, and are seriously pursuing one of them. I'll be interested to see if Yunel Escobar's name starts getting thrown around in rumors. The Braves seem more than willing to trade him and the Pirates don't really have a long-term solution there.

Update #2: Dayton Moore put a stop to the Francoeur-Greinke talk. Also, John Perrotto chimes in that the Braves have shown interest in Pittsburgh's Ian Snell and Paul Maholm but won't part with Tommy Hanson (not sure that bit was all that necessary). The Braves certainly have the pieces to get something like this done and it could be a backup plan if A.J. Burnett signs elsewhere.

Update: Steve Phillips says there is nothing to the Francoeur-Greinke rumors, which somehow legitimizes them to me.

You know, having finals during the week of the winter meetings is just about the worst timing possible for a college student/baseball blogger. Well, I've decided to potentially damage my future by taking time out of my studying schedule to post some updates for all of our readers (also, I'm just feeling pretty lazy right now). I'm not going to go through everything because nine writers are going to have every update at this time, so I'll just be doing the most recent or conflicting reports about each subject.

  • Jayson Stark talked to an NL executive who named the Braves as one of the teams who have inquired about Jermaine Dye. The former Brave seems like a good fit for Atlanta's lineup and while Jon Heyman thinks trade talks are dead, Metsblog is reporting that WFAN's Sweeny Murti says the Braves are "in serious discussions" for the White Sox right fielder (anyone else dizzy?)
  • Dave O'Brien says the Braves offered a 4-year $60 million deal to A.J. Burnett with a vesting option for a fifth year, but would be willing to guarantee the fifth year to top another team's offer (most notably the Yankees).
  • Mark Bowman has some notes on Frank Wren's search for an outfielder, saying that the Braves have shown interest in Rick Ankiel, Corey Hart, and Jeremy Hermida. Ankiel makes a little sense but Hart and Hermida seem like real longshots.
  • Back to O'Brien and an info-packed blog. Let's see. He thinks it will take five years guaranteed to get Burnett, who could sign before C.C. Sabathia. Also, he sees Rick Ankiel as a possibility, thinks Raul Ibanez is getting too expensive, has heard the Braves connected to J.J. Hardy, and thinks that Yunel Escobar is still on the chopping block (I'm out of breath).
  • The Francouer-Greinke rumor popped up again, this time at the Boston Globe. According to Tony Massarotti, an NL executive said the Braves and Royals are very close to swapping the two but the A.J. Burnett negotiations are holding it up. First, this is almost laughable and second, if this is in any way true, the A.J. Burnett uncertainty should be far from a roadblock. 
  • Ken Rosenthal says the Cardinals asked for Mike Gonzalez in a Rick Ankiel deal, to which Frank Wren said no thanks. He also says the two teams discussed a Blaine Boyer-Joe Mather deal that has since fallen apart.

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