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Braves Beating the Snot out of the Dodgers: Feb. 29 Game Thread

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After a four-month hiatus, baseball's back on television, and guess who gets to kick off the season? Your Atlanta Braves! (It's on ESPN.) In honor of the occasion, I just took my lunch break at a local pub, ordered a steak and a Coke, and had the pleasure of watching Javy Lopez pull a hanging slider for a two-run homer. Our opponents, the Dodgers, haven't really been our rivals since we moved from the NL West to the NL East, but they're hateable enough, especially since this is the last spring at Dodgertown, the oldest and most famous spring training complex in baseball. So long, farewell, and enjoy the massacre, Dodger fans -- as I'm writing this, it's 10-2 in the 6th, and Javy Lopez already has a 2-run homer, a walk, and a sac fly. Boy, I love the spring.
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