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Chop Links for 2/20

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  • Two extension notes from Dave O'Brien over at the AJC. On the good side, he thinks that Jeff Francoeur could sign an extension in the next couple of weeks to buy out his arbitration years and the first couple years of free agency. On the slightly worse side, O'Brien notes that the rumors about a rift between Mark Teixeira and agent Scott Boras are false and that Teixeira in fact did not build a house in Atlanta. It sounds like an extension is possible before he reaches free agency but is really on the back burner right now.
  • This one is a bit older but was just brought to my attention. Bernie Pramberg of Fox Sports says that Peter Moylan's agent was in talks with some movie studios to possibly sell his story for a movie similar to The Rookie. Moylan, who was signed by the Braves after the World Baseball Classic, went from Pharmaceutical salesman to being one of the best relievers in baseball last season.
  • Martin Gandy from Talking Chop has a nice interview up with John Sickels about Atlanta's farm system. Well worth the time to read it.

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