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Cody Johnson Q&A

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Jeff Locke recently answered a couple of questions for us here at Chop-n-Change and his teammate, Cody Johnson, was kind enough to do the same. Johnson, who was selected 24th overall in the '06 draft by the Braves, only managed a .184 average and one homerun in 114 at-bats hat year for GCL Braves. This past season however, the 19-year old Johnson came charging back. He destroyed Appalachian League pitching to the tune of a .305 average and 17 homeruns in only 243 at-bats, while earning the Short-Season Player of the Year award. Q: As a Braves fan growing up, what was it like getting drafted by them? Did you expect to go in the first round? A: It was a great feeling knowing that the team that I spent my childhood watching thought so highly of me and enough so to take me with their first pick. Q: You went from a disappointing ’06 season to absolutely tearing up the Appalachian League and being named Short Season Offensive Player of the Year in ’07. What adjustments went into your huge breakout? A: The biggest thing for me was to just take a step back and get back to the hitter that I was growing up and just being able to play the way that I know that I could. I just put too much pressure on myself that first year and what I was able to do in 2007 is the player that I am. Q: Firstbase or the outfield: Which position would you rather play and which do you think you’ll be playing in the future? A: As far as which position it doesn't matter to me whatever I can do to help the team and to be in the lineup everyday. Q: What is the strongest part of your game? What is the weakest part of your game? A: The best part of my game is what I can do at the plate. As far as the weakest part I don't consider any part of my game as weak there are just some that need more work than others. Q: Which teammate, coach, etc. has helped you the most so far in your pro career? A: Teammates that have helped me the most would be my two roommate Jeff Locke and Chad Rodgers, who are both pitchers. I say these two because I can talk to them about their side of the game and it help me to get into the mind of the pitcher and what he is thinking. Coach would have to be Mel Roberts who sadly passed away the day after our season ended in 2007. He did so much for myself and many other players. He will be missed very much. Q: How far do you think your approach at the plate has come since being drafted? What steps have you taken and are you taking to improve that area? A: I don't think my approach has changed much if any since being drafted I still try to just take what the pitcher gives me and work as much as I can to the opposite field and try to be the best hitter I can be. I don't consider myself a power hitter, I consider myself a hitter with power. Q: Jeff Locke recently told us that you along with Jason Heyward were the two toughest hitters he’s ever had to face. As a hitter, who is the toughest pitcher you’ve ever had to face? A: Locke would have to be one of the toughest i have had to face but luckily he is on my team and I only have to worry about facing him in live bp. Q: Do you pay attention to your stats over the course of the season? A: Yes I do pay attention to my stats during the season for the sole purpose that I set goals for myself before the season and it help to drive me towards those goals. Q: I see you compared a lot to Adam Dunn of the Reds. Do you like that comparison and if not, which major leaguer would you compare yourself to? A: I don't mind the comparison to Dunn. He has huge power, but like I said earlier I consider myself a hitter before a power hitter. You have to make contact to hit the ball and the more times that you make solid contact the more chances you have to hit the ball out of the ballpark. Q: Can you solve the mystery of your name? When you were drafted, you were listed as Cody, John, and I’m probably forgetting about twenty more names. What is it and where did all the confusion come from? A: My full name is John Cody Johnson. When you are drafted you are drafted by your first and last name and by social security number to avoid the wrong person being selected. Everyone knew me as Cody but no one as John. Q: Finally, are we going to see you follow up your Offensive Player of the Year award this past season with a South Atlantic League MVP award for Rome in 2008? A: I have high hopes and goals set for myself this year, probably higher than anyone else has for me. I feel that if I reach my goals that I should be putting myself in a good position to be considered for such an honor.

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