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To The Braves: Will You Be My Valentine?

Written by Kristi Dosh on .

It's February 14th and I don't have a date,

But Valentine's Day I simply can't hate.

For I got the best present of all this year,

Pitchers and catchers are putting on their gear.

The season for football is finally done,

Hockey and basketball just aren't any fun.

Now the gloves are out and the grass is green,

Cox and the Braves are back on the scene.

Hudson and James will be back on the mound,

With Teixeira on first, we look good all around.

Moylan and Soriano will shore up the pen,

They're sure to be as great as they've ever been.

Escobar at short will shine as a starter,

Pitching through our lineup will definitely be harder.

Covering the field with ease will be Diaz and Kotsay,

This year we'll give them a run for their money at Shea!

Hopes are high for the Braves in '08,

Johnson and Jones will surely be great,

McCann behind the plate and Francouer in right field,

Reunite Smoltz and Glavine - the Division is sealed!

You won't see me cry on this Valentine's Day,

For although I'm single, I'm happy to say,

Opening Day at The Ted is finally near,

Goodbye winter - baseball season is here!


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