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Willy Aybar's In Jail

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It's really impossible to put this nicely, so: Willy Aybar is in jail under charges of assaulting his wife, and faces three months of imprisonment. A few weeks ago, many of us were annoyed that such a promising player had been jettisoned when he appeared to be poised for a comeback after a completely lost year in 2007 of substance abuse and addiction. He'd been talking to his family, playing in the offseason, and the optimists among us thought he might finally be on the right track. Now he's in jail, with the beginning of his 2008 season in doubt. This is the paragraph where I should mention that everything is alleged, nothing is proven, and nothing is really known beyond the accusation. According to these articles, his wife apparently agreed in principle to drop charges, but she hasn't done so yet. If she drops charges he will be able to get out in time to attend spring training with the Rays. Even if she drops charges, it will not be a total moral exoneration, as battered women have been known to blame themselves for the violence they endure. Still, all of this is alleged; nothing has been proven. There's no way to say "I told you so" or to assert that the Braves won the Ridgway trade simply by managing to get any value at all from a player this clearly troubled. (We'll leave Chase Fontaine aside for a moment.) It would be impossible for the Braves or Frank Wren to know that Aybar was about to get jailed, or to commit the crime he allegedly committed. If he did beat his wife, that is a grave offense. Whatever the case, it's clear that Aybar has been a troubled man for a long time, and he has not yet escaped his troubles. Frankly, I'm glad he's no longer a Brave. (Let's keep discussion on this thread just to baseball and leave politics aside for now.)

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