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Baseball Prospectus released their Braves top eleven prospect list today. While they aren't as prospect wise as Baseball America or John Sickels, it's still a good read to see another opinion. Here is their list:
Five-Star Prospects 1. Jordan Schafer, CF 2. Jason Heyward, RF Four-Star Prospects 3. Brent Lillibridge, SS 4. Brandon Jones, LF 5. Gorkys Hernandez, CF 6. Jair Jurrjens, RHP Three-Star Prospects 7. Julio Teheran, RHP 8. Tommy Hanson, RHP 9. Cole Rohrbaugh, LHP 10. Cody Johnson, OF 11. Jeff Locke, LHP Just Missing: Steve Evarts, LHP; Kris Medlen, RHP
The first two on just about every list are going to be Schafer-Heyward so no real surprise there. Numbers three through six are a bit different from what we've seen so far with Gorkys and Jurrjens coming in at five and six, but there is such a small gap between all four of them that it is understandable. This is Kevin Goldstein though and not a list goes by without at least a couple surprises. Julio Teheran, the Colombian pitcher we signed at 16 years old this past season, was  bit of a shock at number seven. Not only was I not expecting him to crack the top ten, but to see him above Cole Rohrbough and Tommy Hanson has me puzzled to say the least. We've seen reports all over the place for this kid, ranging from number three starter down the road to amazing arm with three plus pitches and incredible potential. I still just don't see how you can put a pitcher without any pro experience, that is the equivalent of a Junior in high school in the top ten. The number ten prospect, former first-rounder Cody Johnson is another surprise. He signals a trend that Goldstein values potential far more than anything else. Johnson has the best power potential of any Atlanta prospect aside from Jason Heyward, but all signs still point to his plate discipline being miles away from having him be able to translate that power at the higher levels. Andruw Jones is a good comp for his ceiling offensively, however with his lack of polish, he has rarely cracked the top ten. I like Locke rounding out the list and then Evarts just missing. Both seem to be in a pretty good placing and I think both are big breakout candidates for next season. Medlen seems to be the prospect who got bumped. He's been pushing his way into the top ten lists quite a bit and replacing Cody Johnson with him seems a bit more logical to me. He profiles as more of a setup man than a closer but he is polished, has good stuff, and you can't argue with the results.

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