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Congratulations to Hall of Famer Goose Gossage!

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Congrats to Goose Gossage for garnering enough votes to be inducted into the Hall.  He received 85.8% of the vote this year, up from 71.2% last year.  Jim Rice, who received 63.5% of the vote last year climbed to 72.2% this year, which suggests he has a good chance of being voted in next year. Andre Dawson received 65.9% of the vote after receiving only 56.7% last year. Bert Blyleven closed up a huge gap between last year's 47.7% and the 75% required, coming in at 61.9% this year. And let's not forget "the Murph" who climbed from last year's 9% to 13.8% this year.  Nowhere near induction, but an upward trend is always promising to an eternal optimist like myself. Another former Brave on the ballot, David Justice, received only 1 vote or .2% of the vote during his first appearance on the ballot.  Unfortunately for Justice, you must receive 5% of the vote to stay on the ballot. Congrats again to Goose Gossage!

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