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The 10 Commandments of Attending a Baseball Game

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Here we are in the offseason and all I can think about when I'll get to go to my first game.  I played around with a poem about the 2008 Braves this morning, but it needs more work.  I got to thinking about my pet peeves when it comes to going to a ballgame and decided to write this piece today instead.  I'll also be adding an accompanying audio piece to further discuss these pet peeves.  The following are my 10 Commandments (in no particular order) for attending a MLB game this season: 1.  Thou shalt not arrive after the first pitch. 2.  Thou shalt not boo thy own team's player. 3.  Thou shalt not enter or exit a row during play.  4.  Thou shalt not get up more than three times during the game.  Exception:  If you are seated in the last row and your seat is on the aisle. 5.  Thou shalt not wear the apparel of a MLB team not playing in that stadium on that day. 6.  Thou shalt not throw objects on the field. 7.  Thou shalt not start "The Wave" or the batting around of a beach ball.  8.  Thou shalt not cause a scene that disrupts others from watching the game. 9.  Thou shalt not yell out curse words. 10.  Thou shalt not leave the game before the final out is recorded.

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