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Winner of the Braves CF Sweepstakes: Mark Kotsay

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Update (Will Schaffer)- The deal isn't final just yet. The original David O'Brien article seemed to confuse a lot of people into thinking the process was further along than it was in reality, however Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle (Hat tip to Tom for the link) clears some of this up. Slusser says that no agreement has been made and a trade may not happen until Kotsay proves his health in spring training. She goes on to say that the money Oakland will take on is also an unresolved situation. Slusser says that Joey Devine is thought to be a target by outside sources, though I very much doubt that Frank Wren would be willing to give up that much. It seems from this article that a deal at this point is very unlikely and we'll probably have to wait for an outcome until spring training. So the Braves just got Mark Kotsay, pending an MRI. As previously discussed, he's not good, but it's basically a salary dump for the A's and looks like both sides are assuming a fairly low risk. According to David O'Brien, "The A’s would likely also pay a significant portion of Kotsay’s $8 million salary in 2008," and he'd be traded for "a a mid-level prospect." (I'm guessing that doesn't mean Martin Prado, but who knows? The A's need to replace Marco Scutaro somehow or another.) Kotsay claims his troubles the past few years were injury-related, and he says he's fully recovered from a March 2007 arthroscopic back surgery. If he could repeat his numbers from 2005-2006 -- something like .280/.330/.400 -- he wouldn't be good, but he'd be exactly the kind of stopgap we need. Even if he ends up back on the operating table or around the Mendoza line, both of which he endured in 2007, all we've given up is "a mid-level prospect" and $8 million minus "a significant portion" of salary. So it looks like a low-risk, low-reward deal to me. Then again, unfortunately, he's not good. And he's our new center fielder. Welcome to Atlanta, Mr. Stopgap.

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