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7/13 Game Thread: Uh-Oh, A Lefty is Coming!

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Sorry guys, nothing to gripe about today. The Braves won last night, while Jeff Francoeur and Brent Lillibridge went a combined four-for-seven with two runs, three RBI's, a double, a homerun (Lillibridge's first ever), and not one strikeout. For a number of our commenters, I suspect that means they'll have nothing to backup their positions of selling off the entire team or just giving up and forfeiting the rest of this season's games. To those who I'm talking about (you know who you are), I'm truly sorry the Braves won. With the rubber match of this three-game set with the Padres coming up, it pained me to see that Randy Wolf -- a lefty -- was starting the game for the friars. That's because with half of the season down, the Braves just can't seem to figure out southpaws. Atlanta's .723 OPS against left-handers, puts them ahead of only San Diego, Florida, and Washington in the National League, while their .384 SLG ranks dead last in the NL. Even with the Braves' left-handed deficiencies and Jorge Campillo's struggles of late (4.97 ERA over his last four starts), hope is not lost. That's because Randy Wolf hasn't exactly been Cy Young against Atlanta during his career. The veteran starter has a 5.14 ERA against the Braves in 22 starts, which is the second worst ERA against any team which he has made ten or more starts against. The pessimists are going to say that this team's southpaw struggles are more recent, so I'll humor the idea. Over the past two seasons, the Braves have faced Wolf three times. Over those three starts, he has pitched a combined 14.1 innings (4.2 IP per start) with a 7.54 ERA. Maybe, just maybe, we can pull this series out.

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