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7/4 Game Thread: Your New Francoeurless Braves

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Well, Jeff Francoeur has been sent down. He really should have been sent down in 2006, when he was one of the worst position players in the major leagues, but now is better than never. Getting Chipper Jones back should have been a lift for the team. Seeing the back of Francoeur probably will not be. But it does make the team better. It is almost impossible to quantify how much he's killed the team this year. Jason Perry has never played a day in the majors, but he's hitting well in AAA, and it's almost inconceivable that he could be worse than Frenchy. Brandon Jones didn't do too terribly in his cup of coffee, and he'll be back. And now we get the Astros, who have the exact same record that we do, in a much worse division. It's very likely that they're worse than we are. We'll be facing Brian Mohler, who's apparently only 36 -- I would have guessed 47. He's been around forever. Also, he's not good. He's given up 10 homers in only 63 2/3 innings; hopefully we'll be able to take advantage of that. We'll counter with Tim Hudson, who's been dynamite at home: a 2.24 ERA in 56 1/3 innings. He's also an Astro-killer, as he has a Gibsonian 1.12 ERA against them in 3 starts. On paper, I like our chances. Hopefully the new-look Braves will get off to a good start and make the front office look smart for sending Frenchy down, where he has belonged for some time now. If we're really lucky, maybe he'll relearn how to hit. First things first: let's snap our five-game losing streak.

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