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7/5 Game Thread: Braves vs. Astros

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Last evening's 6-2 win over the Astros finally broke that nasty five-game losing streak they had going.  In fact, when the Braves took the lead in the second inning, they broke a 42-inning streak of trailing behind their opponent.  And as long as we're talking about breaking records, Jason Perry's triple in his first major league at-bat was a first in Atlanta Braves history. Finally, after a long week of suffering at the hands of the Phillies, Braves fans got to see a winning performance last night.  Can they extend the winning streak to two tonight? The Braves will send Jo-Jo Reyes (3-6, 4.15 ERA) mound against the Astros' Chris Sampson (3-3, 5.08 ERA).  Jo-Jo's record has been adversely affected by the Braves lack of run support in his starts.  The Braves have crossed the plate just eight times in Jo-Jo's six losses - that's an average of 1.3 runs per game.  If the lineup can pull out another performance like last night, I like Jo-Jo's chances for win number 4 of the season. Frenchy Update:  Frenchy had a 2-for-4 night in his first game at AA Mississippi and even coaxed a walk in his first at-bat.  His first night back in Pearl also proved to be a bit of a dramatic one.  In his first plate appearance, Frenchy hit what was initially called a homerun down the left field line.  Unfortunately for him, it was overturned after the Lookouts' coach appealed.  Mississippi head coach, Phillip Wellman, was ejected for fighting the call.  Frenchy eventually returned to the plate and walked his way to first base.  He's been quoted as having said that Thursday night in Atlanta he felt relaxed at the plate and ready to break through his slump.  Perhaps last night proved that his instincts were right.  Only time will tell, and unfortunately for him, that time will be spent with the AA team until after the All-Star break.

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