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Deadline Countdown: Two Days

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Update (1:15 am): Here are the latest updates surrounding Will Ohman:
  • Dave O'Brien of the AJC mentions the Red Sox, Cardinals, Rays, Tigers and White Sox as teams who have engaged in trade talks for Ohman. An unrelated note in the article is that Chuck James may be called up to start Friday's game against Milwaukee.
  • Mark Bowman of MLB.com says that more than five teams have "shown interest" in Ohman including the Rays, Yankees, and Red Sox, but that the Cardinals are no longer interested. Bowman goes on to point out that a bidding-war between thee top three teams in the AL East could drive up the price.
  • Keith Law of ESPN.com chimes in, saying that eight teams are interested in Ohman and like Bowman, mentions the three at the top of the AL East.
Teixeira is gone but a number of players could find themselves in a different uniform after tomorrow's non-waiver trade deadline. Here are the latest rumors:
  • Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe is reporting that the Red Sox are one of six teams talking to the Braves about left-handed reliever Will Ohman. Edes says that Frank Wren is looking for a pitching prospect in return for Ohman and mentions double-A right-hander Daniel Bard as a possible name. That seems like a very good return for Ohman.
  • Jayson Stark of ESPN.com adds the Phillies as another team talking about Ohman. They seem doubtful though because I just don't think they can offer up the kind of prospect that a team like Boston or Tampa Bay could.
  • Mark Bowman of MLB.com says he thinks Ohman will land in St. Louis. The cardinals certainly have the arms in their farm system to get this deal done so I'd also call them one of the favorites at this point. Bowman also says he thinks the chance of Mark Kotsay being dealt before the deadline is about 50%.

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