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6/18 Game Thread: Really? Randy Winn?

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So the biggest news in the Bravosphere today is that apparently the Braves are interested in Randy Winn. Winn isn't bad, but he's basically exactly what we hoped Kotsay would be: a useful, medocre, aging retread outfielder on a midsized contract with a Bay area team, who does nothing poorly and nothing excellently, but is nonetheless vastly superior to our other current outfield options. As MLB Trade Rumors notes, he's making $8 mill this year and $8.25 next year, and could probably had for a song if we picked up the contract -- or probably more than a song if we don't, particularly if the SF Gate reporter is correct that he'll be "a hot name as the July 31 trade deadline approaches." Winn's not a bad player, and a lot better than Jeff Francoeur right now, and also better than Brandon Jones, though Jones is expected to become a slightly better version of Winn. If we get him, though, he probably becomes our starting left fielder, even though Frenchy doesn't deserve a starting job at this point. I'm not sure we have $8 million lying around, however, and even if we did it seems like the sort of thing that could be better directed to long-term contracts for Kelly and Yunel. A couple years down the line, of course, I'd love to give Heyward a Longoria-like deal. Winn's not a bad player, but unless we have a very credible reason to believe that Kotsay's not coming back this year, he's not worth the money -- or the prospects we'd have to give up to make up for the money. The very fact we're looking at him suggests that Kotsay may be further away than any of us realizes. So tonight we'll keep playing the Texas Rangers. Jo-Jo Reyes, who's been pitching very well of late (in his last 4 starts, he's gone 28 1/3 innings, struck out 26 and only walked 8, with an ERA of 3.18), will face Eric Hurley, who, by comparison, sucks (5.30 ERA at AAA this year; 6.00 ERA in the majors). As long as Josh Hamilton doesn't hit another 7-run homer and Jo-Jo stays down in the zone, as he has been for the past month, we ought to be able to win this matchup. Draft signings update. We have now inked 6 of our 51 picks: Zeke Spruill, Craig Kimbrel, Braeden Schlehuber, Paul Clemens, Brett Oberholtzer, and Kyle Farrell. Update: As Parish notes, the list is outdated, and several more of our draftees have signed, including Richard Sullivan, Casey Hodges, Shane Moody, and Chris Shehan. Let's beat up these no-account American League, DH-using bums.

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