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6/25 Braves vs. Brewers Game Thread

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The Braves are matching up against the Brewers today in a rare weekday afternoon game in Atlanta.  Below are the starting lineups: Brewers 1.  2B - Weeks 2.  SS - Counsell 3.  LF - Braun 4.  1B - Fielder 5.  RF - Hart 6.  3B - Branyan 7.  CF - Cameron 8.  C - Rivera 9.  P - Suppan Atlanta 1.  CF - Blanco 2.  3B - Gotay 3.  2B - Johnson 4.  1B - Teixeira 5.  C - McCann 6.  SS - Infante 7.  RF - Francouer 8.  LF - B. Jones 9.  P - Campillo UPDATE:  Brent Lillibridge entered the game to replace Infante in the bottom of the second after Infante appeared to tweak his hamstring on a double to right field. In other gameday news, Escobar was scratched just before the game began, which appears to be a result of an injury he sustained to his left shoulder while diving back to first during last night's game (not punishment for his actions and ejection thereafter).  Here are some other Braves tidbits for today:
  • The Braves committed a season-high four errors in last night's loss to the Brewers.  The four-error game the Braves played was June 2, 2004.
  • The Braves are currently 11-3 at home this year when playing a day game, and the team batting average for day games is .290.
  • The Braves bullpen has an impressive 0.59 ERA against the Brewers this season.  The relievers have allowed only one earned run and seven hits over 15.1 innings pitched against the Brewers in 2008.
  • Mark Kotsay played his first rehab assignment at AA Mississippi last night and went 0-4.  He could return to the Braves as early as next week's Phillies series.

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