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The Swinging Door of the Braves DL

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Injuries logoIn case you haven't already heard, it sounds like Chipper is headed for the DL. Although we'd all hoped to see him as the DH in Toronto this past weekend, he has continued to struggle with his right quadricep muscle. He is now conceding that he should have gone on the DL from the start: "We probably should have DL'd me right when it happened. I knew that it was worse than the previous time. But the competitive side of me wanted to help the club, and I've always been a fairly quick healer. So I figured in five or six days, it would be OK, or at least good enough to get back in there. It just hasn't gotten good enough, fast enough." Now Jones will miss around nine games if he goes on the 15-day DL because of two pinch hitting performances that will make the retroactive date for listing him June 26th. This would put him back in the lineup just before the All-Star game. As Chipper goes on the DL, several others will be coming off. As I've mentioned recently, Mark Kotsay and Martin Prado are both down at AA Mississippi on a rehab stint. The Braves expect that both could be activated in time for Tuesday's game against the Phillies. Kotsay is 6-for-18 in Mississippi, while Prado is 2-for-11. The reports I've heard don't put Prado quite ready to return yet, but with the recent injury to Infante the Braves may have to take a chance. Meanwhile, Escobar seems set to return from his left shoulder injury in time for Tuesday's game. The most interesting scenario to play out will be in the outfield. With Kotsay back, Blanco will no longer have a home in centerfield. As good as he's been playing though, you've got to put him somewhere. The only real choice is left field, but Brandon Jones has looked pretty good as well. Suddenly we're overrun with outfield talent - I won't complain. Should be interesting to watch over the next few days though and see who is sent back down.

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