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Well... We're Back... At .500... Again.

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You remember that scene in Jurassic Park after the tyrannosaur attacks the Mercedes convoy and pushes one of the cars over the precipice, with Tim inside? It lands in a tree, Dr. Grant goes to get him, they try to come down the tree and all of a sudden the car starts falling, almost driving vertically down, until finally they reach the bottom of the trunk and the car falls on them. Tim, completely shell-shocked, has this to say: "Well... we're back... in the car... again." That's how I feel about this team and .500: no matter how we try to escape the damn thing, it just keeps falling on us. Oh, you know my feelings about Jeff Francoeur, and Manny Acosta and Kelly Johnson's butterfingers have something to do with it -- sure, we could have won plenty of games if individual things didn't keep going wrong. But they do. All. The. Time. The good news all season, Chipper Jones (NL Player of the Week!), is going to miss tonight's game against the Cubs with a "slight" quad tear. If he goes out for any extended period of time, you will hear me bawl and scream with uncontrolled hysteria. For now, I'm just annoyed. Oh, so tonight Tom Glavine will go against Ted Lilly. Lilly's been up and down this year, but had the best season of his career last year, and he's not a bad pitcher. Hard to say he's decisively better than Glavine, though. Glavine's K-rate has risen from its horrific level last year, but his BB-rate has jumped a lot more. Basically, he's a 6-inning, 3-run guy, except that he usually goes about 5 innings and change. He's not bad, and if our offense doesn't take the night off he usually keeps us in the game, but our offense is anything but consistent. The Cubs are a much better team than we are, and Sweet Lou is probably a better manager than Bobby at this point. And we can't win on the road. I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised.

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