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In service of my eternal quest to get as many things wrong as possible, I'm making my predictions for 2008. NL East: Braves, *Mets, Phillies, Nationals, Marlins NL Central: Cubs, Brewers, Reds, Cardinals, Astros, Pirates NL West: Dodgers, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Padres, Giants Al East: Red Sox, *Yankees, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Baltimore Al Central: Tigers, Indians, White Sox, Royals, Twins Al West: Anaheim, Oakland, Seattle, Texas (* - wild card) NL MVP: Chase Utley NL Cy Young: Johan Santana NL ROY: Jay Bruce AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera AL Cy Young: Erik Bedard AL ROY: Evan Longoria NLDS: Braves over Cubs, Mets over Dodgers ALDS: Red Sox over Angels, Tigers over Yankees NLCS: Braves over Mets ALCS: Red Sox over Tigers World Series: Red Sox over Braves (sighÂ…) WS MVP: Daisuke Matsuzaka So, how far off do you think I am? Who do you think will win?

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