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Chop Chatter for Opening Day Eve

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We're at about T-minus 30 hours people.  Dust off your foam tomahawks* and put your Braves cap on and get ready for the 2008 season to begin! I'm resurrecting Chop Chatter for the season.  Here are some early tidbits:
  • Did anyone see Kotsay's diving catch in the third last night?  Andrew who? (I realize this is going to be an open invitation for you all to comment on how great Andruw is defensively and how Kotsay isn't even close.  Let me just say for the record that I think Andruw is quite possibly the greatest defensive center fielder ever.  That being said, Kotsay made a great play last night and instilled some confidence that he can be an effective replacement.)
  • Those who made the final cut for the 25-man roster: Blaine Boyer, Gregor Blanco, Ruben Gotay, Corky Miller and Brayan Pena.
  • Pitchers for Opening Day and the first series: Hudson on Sunday, Glavine on Monday, Jair Jurrjens on Wednesday and Mike Hampton on Thursday.
  • The Braves will be available in HD for 87 games this year: 45 on Peachtree TV, 29 on SportsSouth and 13 on FSN South.  My decision to purchase a 46" HD plasma tv a few months ago is looking like a smart investment now!
  • XM Radio will broadcast each and EVERY Braves game this season.  On top of that, there's baseball talk radio 24/7 on MLB Home Plate on XM channel 175.  I joined the XM nation when I lived in Florida so that I could listen to all the Braves game and think it was one of the best investments I've made.  Those of you out of town should definitely consider it. 
For those wondering (which is probably none of you), I will have at least one Opening Day poem.  I think I'll resurrect the one from last year for tomorrow's game and a new one for Monday's home opener.  I know you're all anxiously awaiting my poetic masterpieces! *Does everyone remember when the foam tomahawk was a staple at the games in the early 90s when the Braves were getting hot?  One of my favorite photographs is from a game in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium where there's a sea of red foam tomahawks engaging in the tomahawk chop.

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