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It's been a week and I finally have sorted through, resized, and uploaded the best of my pictures from the Braves-Indians spring training game I attended last Friday. I took about 450 pictures in total but got that down to about 200 of the best ones and I put just about 50 of those 200 into this slide show. I have plenty more pictures that you can find here, including step-by-step photos of both Jeff Bennett and Jo-Jo Reyes' pitching motions. If you have the time, you'd probably enjoy going through them. When I first posted about the game, I gave some of my impressions of the major leaguers I saw and now I'll do the same for the minor leaguers:
  • Jason Heyward is big but there is definitely still room for him to fill out. When he was doing baserunning drills and shagging flyballs in the outfield, he looked very fluid and you could see how athletic he was. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see him taking batting practice.
  • Cody Johnson is just enormous. Like Heyward, he has a very big frame but he seems to have pretty much filled out. He ran the same drills as Heyward, which was made far more comical by the fact that the 5'8" Cole Miles was doing the third man doing the baserunning drills with them.
  • Freddie Freeman looks like he could use some time in the weight room but if he fills out his frame, he is going to have a lot of power. He really reminds me of a bulkier Adam LaRoche. Similar swing (Freeman's is probably a bit more controlled) with a similar background as both a highly sought after amateur pitcher and position player, which means like LaRoche, Freeman is blessed with a great arm for the position.
  • Julio Teheran is on the small side for a right-hander and it just doesn't look like his frame can hold that much. I think he may be generously listed at 6'2". On the plus side, he is a pretty good dancer. Unfortunately, he was not throwing that day.
  • Jon Gilmore and Tyler Flowers both looked really good in batting practice and were both pounding balls all over the place.
  • I'd be worried about Tommy Hanson's weight. He was looking quite large and not in a good way.
  • For a big guy, Kala Ka'aihue looked very good defensively at first. He missed one really tough ball that short-hopped his glove but made everything else look easy and was making good throws to second.
  • Jeff Locke is quite small for being 6'2". If he is throwing as hard as he is with this kind of build, I have no problem predicting he could add a couple mph onto his fastball if he fills out some more.
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